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    You have or plan to get a great pet and companion: a dog …Do you need help in order to appreciate him better? It happens that some dog problems prevent us from fully enjoying our companion and might deteriorate our relationship with this animal.
Do not let such situations trouble your family:

- Excessive barking?
- Pulls on leash?
- Jumps on people?
- Destroys objects, furniture?
- Mouths or bites hands, pulls on clothing?
- Housebreaking?
- Howls, panics when left alone?
- Aggression?
- Runs away?
- Too shy, fearful?
- Too excited?
- In general, does as he pleases?
- Obedience classes troublemaker?

- Etc…

Zorro, CoeurCanin mascott.

"Here!" will give you a dog happy to run to you if you teach him in a manner that is understandable for him. Your relationship dog-human must be healthy if you want your dog to follow you... Dogs will never stop astonish us with their capacity to forgive us our errors. If we humans made some mistakes in the past (most often involuntarily!) and decide to start all over with our dog, he will always amaze us with his willingness to cooperate and let us rebuilt a beautiful relationship. This capacity to adapt make adopted dogs such wonderful companions, if only we want to make the effort towards mutual understanding. If you have the will but just don't know how, we will do all we can to guide you, show you how, and help you learn to understand what your dog 'tells' you and what he might be searching for.

Pico, compagnon of Mme.Françoise Boivin.

If only Pico could talk, he would tell you to be careful where you buy your companions. He would love to be less nervous and more capable of adapting to all new situations in his life! It's unfair, so many dogs can do it…It's not Pico's fault if he causes problems to his human mom who, happily, loves him dearly and do all she can to better his existence. Guilty are the people who did not pay attention how his mother was feeling, who his father was, and who did not give him the care and attention needed to any growing pup. He walked out into the big world not ready, with lots of difficulties to comprehend, adjust and stay calm. It's so unfair. But he keeps trying. Pico is lucky because his human mom does all she can to understand him. Today, Pico has a better life then most dogs, but he would like to repay his family more then he is able. He would just like to warn you to choose wisely the source of your companions because he would be very sad if you give money and support people who do not like animals and treat them as products to make money. Please, help other dogs and cats by supporting responsible breeders or shelters and rescues, not pet stores and puppy or kitten mills.
Thank you to all humans, like Pico's mom, who do not abandon their companion when something goes wrong but try to work it out! All these nice humans deserve all our warm acknowledgments, hurray to their courage!
If you do not know what is a puppy mill or a kitten mill, you can read here what this sad reality is all about:

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Can we help you?
    Our at home services in canine behavior were designed to accommodate you and our schedules are flexible. We work at your home because it is there that we can best get acquainted with your dog and help you with his daily life: at home, in the yard, on the street, in the car, at the park…We use humane methods to resolve conflicts, informing you all along what is happening and why. We do not stress your dog unnecessarily and teach him that working with humans might sometimes be difficult, but always reassuring. Our interventions also consist of helping you understand your dog's reactions as well as becoming clear for him in your expectations and reactions. Your contentment as well as your dog's well being are our priorities. Our goal is to leave you with a wonderful relationship of trust and comprehension with your companion. A big dream is to not have anymore all these dogs abandoned and put to sleep because their owners could not cope anymore…This happens all too frequently in Quebec: by proposing our qualified services we hope that the ones who search will find the help needed to avoid deceptions and repair situations.  
    Our specialists are certified and will never stop furthering their education in order to suggest the best for you and your furry pal.

Would you like to acquire a puppy or a dog?
    We wish it to you! Dogs can make unequaled companions. Please, inform yourself before making a purchase: do you know what is a puppy mill? You do not want to support one, guaranteed! We can guide you with your search of responsible sources by email or phone (514-554-2442)

    Furthermore, we offer our services of counseling to help choose the right dog for you (breed, age) as well as pick the right one between dogs available (select the pup from the litter, dog from a shelter…). We can also accompany you to breeders to judge of the physical as well as mental state of their puppies.

    Do you have doubts if you and your family are ready to own a dog?
Talk about it to our counselors. The responsibilities as well as pleasures are great and it is well to know what to expect and what to prepare for. There are many foster home programs with rescues and shelters that can give you a taste of what a company of an animal really is. Just ask :) .

    We, dog owners, know this since the beginning, but it is finally proven: to share a life with a dog has many benefits health wise and emotionally (lower our blood pressure, lower stress, more exercise…). We want you to live long, happy and healthy with your happy, healthy, long lived and well behaved companions :) !

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or comments. Many popluar questions are answered and posted on our FAQ page, others will be answered by email.

Have a Nice Walk!